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ŠARENI DUĆAN izdavaštvo i trgovina, Saša

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ŠARENI DUĆAN izdavaštvo i trgovina, Saša Husnjak, Koprivnica, Ivana Generalića 3
Established: 1996
Statistic number: 90166035
MBS: 06010000094
OIB: 02161948024
Wholesale of other household goods
Non-specialised wholesale trade
Other retail sale in non-specialised stores
Retail sale of second-hand goods in stores
Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet
Other reservation service and related activities

Management: SAŠA HUSNJAK

Address: Ivana Generalića 3 HR 48000 Koprivnica

Tel: 048/624474
E-mail: sareni.duc@kc.t-com.hr
Staff 2012: 10
Last available data for year: 2015

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